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Summer 2024

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Fast-track your business. Receive intensive mentoring, education from leading founders, leverage our network and pitch at our world-class investor demo day.

We believe in the power lying within authentic, ambitious, courageous founders. Able to take risks, they stand out for their ability to gracefully handle the unexpected, responding to the challenges facing their business each day. Being a creature means accepting a world of constant transformation.

Today, creatures manifest in various forms - whether aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, or established business owners. All share a common pursuit: finding creative and efficient ways to elevate their enterprises. As we embrace the paradigm shifts of 2024, where growth and profitability intersect, these creatures thrive, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Become a better entrepreneur, become a Creature.

5 Pillars
Demo day


Many of our speakers are successful startup founders: eFounders, Alma, Animaj, Poppy... Others are top operators or VCs, highly in-demand thanks to their particular area of expertise. All are here to help you achieve your goals.

Matthieu Vaxelaire

Partner at eFounders

Partner at eFounders where they already count several SaaS unicorns in their portfolio, Mathieu will talk about his path & vision for Europe's B2B market.

Romain Mazeries

Founder & CEO, Mangopay

Romain has an extraordinary record of entrepreneurial success and resilience to share. He will discuss how he successfully positioned Mangopay in the highly competitive online payment industry.

Teddy Pellerin

Co-Founder & CEO, Heetch

Teddy built ride-hailing service Heetch while battling outdated regulations and a major competitor: Uber. His journey has been far tougher than any other entrepreneur. He's going to inspire us with his brilliant story!

Sasha Manuilova

Weights&Biases / ex-Microsoft Ventures

A brilliant market strategist who knows the AI world by heart, Sasha's experience at Microsoft and beyond informs her take on strategy in an uncertain market.

Sixte de Vauplane

Co-Founder & CEO, Animaj

A serial entrepreneur who has sold one company and raised €100M with his second, he'll review his failures and successes in going from 0 to 1 to 100.

Louis Chatriot

Founder & CEO, Alma

Louis has led Alma to more than 2B in annual transactions! As a brilliant entrepreneur who has revolutionized e-commerce payment, he will share his insights on how to achieve Product/Market Fit, a cornerstone for startup success.

Mathieu de Lophem

Co-founder Nuketech VC / ex-Deliveroo

Investor to founder and back again, Mathieu knows the life of a CEO (Deliveroo Belgium, Skipr) and an investor, now focusing on nuclear technology with Nuketech.

Antoine Zins

Entrepreneur, Managing Director at Eurazeo VC

Being in one of the most prominent VC in France. Antoine will share his deep expertise in fundraising and amazing understanding of business models. His masterclass will illuminate the typical errors of founders when raising funds.

Annabelle Bignon

Co-founder, Maria Schools

Entrepreneur in the education industry, she's co-founder of 4 schools dedicated to training employees and others, in essential technology and growth skills. She allows people to learn today the skills they will need tomorrow.

Valentin Richard

ex-CEO of Koudetat

Ex-CEO of Koudetat, the EU's biggest entrepreneurial education community, Valentin has first-hand experience with the emotional obstacles founders have to overcome.

Balthazar de Lavergne

Entrepreneur / ex-Director The Family

Ex-director of The Family, he's advised thousands of startups, helping founders with operational details, fundraising, and the macro environment around them.

Siyanna Lilova

Co-founder & CEO, CuratedAI

Siyanna has entered Techstars program with her groundbreaking AI tool for law firms. As a former lawyer turned tech innovator, she has leveraged her expertise into success. She will explore the pervasive role of AI across industries and the emerging prospects it brings.

Maxime Blondel

CEO, TheQuest

Maxime's startup training center has boosted companies now making €20M+ of ARR. Every moment with him showcases the entrepreneurial mindset at work!

Alexis Ohayon

Co-founder & CTO, Citizen Plane

A pragmatic CTO, Alexis's latest venture is on the road to 150M in revenue this year. He'll outline the mindset for making good business-oriented tech decisions.

Olivier Ramel

Founder & CEO, Kymono

The original Culture Designer, Olivier knows how to nail a niche and expand upward. He'll talk about the importance of creating your startup's culture from Day 1.

Pietro Invernizzi

Founder Firedrop VC / ex Stride.VC

With hard work and a smile, Pietro's built one of the EU's best business angel networks. He'll talk about raising your 1st round and navigating between BAs & VCs.

Shawn Atkinson

Partner at Orrick

As leader of the team completing the most fundraising deals in Europe, Shawn knows the key points to raising funds, including real insights which will save your company and your founder equity.

Evan Testa

Co-Founder & CEO, Roundtable

Evan founded Roundtable to help founders & investment communities manage their fundraising activities. He'll discuss investor clauses and cap table management.

Michael Saifoudine

Founder at Klimb / ex-Spendesk

A B2B marketing & growth specialist, Michael will talk about his experience with startup hypergrowth, including from his time at Spendesk.

Martin Maucort

Fundraising Manager, Crowdcube

Having helped top startups raise money using Europe’s biggest crowdfunding community, Martin will talk about turning crowdfunding into a real lever of startup success.

Rangel Milushev

Co-founder & CEO, Rex (YC W23)

Rangel has made it in YCombinator with his AI nutrition coach app, quickly attracting over 50k users. He will give us details on how AI is infiltrating various sectors today, highlighting new opportunities and applications.

Enzo Colucci

Sales Coach / ex-Sunday

An amazing sales coach, Enzo's workshop decodes cold calling and the discovery phase of sales, using his experience at startups such as Big Mamma's Sunday.

Grégoire Hornung

Head of Data, Qover

A master of data engineering, Gregoire will talk about the importance of data in early-stage startups and the right tools to make things quick and efficient.

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Zero to One


  • Masterclasses & workshops by successful entrepreneurs
  • Office hours with experts
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Workspace & community
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  • Masterclasses & workshops by leading VCs and BAs
  • Office hours with experts
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Workspace & community
  • Pitch preparation
  • Investors network
  • Demo day


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The whole Creatures Academy program will happen at Fosbury & Sons. We’ll be working together in a modern, green space right next to Boitsfort Station and the Forêt de Soignes.


Co-founders for 15 years in startups such as Menu Next Door, Nicolas and Mathieu cover the varying skills a founder needs to succeed. With their two different approaches to building something new, they function as an entrepreneurial ying and yang. For the past few years, they've been supporting startups, first with Nico at The Family Belgium and then together at Creatures.

Nicolas Van Rymenant

Van Rymenant


Nicolas knows that you can’t just create a great product and expect people to buy it: sales is part of his nature, and he loves the psychology that goes into it. Whether you need to think about your brand, communications, or how to target a new market, he’s ready.

Mathieu Gillet



Mathieu loves to help founders with some of the most pragmatic subjects in business: finance, legal, operations, tech. He knows all the ins and outs when it comes to venture capital and raising money.


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Building a company is hard, it can feel like trying to cross a desert. Mathieu and Nicolas are super creative, they’ve helped me find funding alternatives and new ways to deal with regulations. When you’re in the go-to-market phase, it helps to be talking about the details every day with true partners. Big thanks to Nico and Mathieu both.

Nina CaputCo-founder & CEO, EQWIN


Once you’ve completed your application, we’ll set up a call to talk about your ambitions and what you’re looking to get from the program. After the call, you’ll receive a definitive response regarding your application.

And don’t wait – there is a limited number of participants for the program!


Who can join Creatures Academy?
The program is generally built for early-stage startups (pre-seed / seed) whether they’ve already launched their business or they plan to do so soon. It can also be a good match for established businesses that are looking to boost their growth, improve their business processes, be inspired and mentored by world-class entrepreneurs, or participate to our demo day. Whatever your case, if we think we can help your business and you have the right mindset, you’re very welcome.
What will be my key takeaways from this program?
In summary, here's what you'll get from the program: Develop the right entrepreneurial mindset, grow knowledge with masterclasses from leading international founders, and gain practical skills through expert-led workshops. You'll also benefit from office hours with these experts and other founders, and receive personal mentorship from serial entrepreneurs Nicolas and Mathieu. Enjoy a great workspace to advance your project and be able to network with other entrepreneurs from the program. We’ll end the program with new masterclasses regarding fundraising and pitch, round up with a demo day in front of world-class investors. Your key takeaways will be a complete suite of skills and knowledge designed to accelerate your business growth and raise funds. This program is the fundamental investment in both your business and yourself on your entrepreneurial journey.
Where will the program be held?
All activities of the program will be held at Fosbury & Sons in Brussels, Belgium. This modern and green space, situated next to Boitsfort Station and close to the Forêt de Soignes, serves as the perfect setting for the program's talks, conferences, and office hours. The price of the program also includes access to offices at Fosbury & Sons, providing networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs.
What language is the program held in?
Most talks will be in French, although some will be in English (for example, with speakers who are UK or US natives).
Will I be able to raise funds at the end of the program?
Whatever happens after Demo Day is between you and the investors; Creators Academy cannot guarantee that you will succeed in raising funds.
How many entrepreneurs are in each program?
We limit each program to about 20 entrepreneurs, which creates a group that is large enough to create lots of inspiration and small enough to ensure personalized support for all.
Will the talks be broadcast online?
Some will, but most will occur offline. Some offline talks may also be filmed, able to be watched by program participants later.
Can my co-founders participate in Creatures Academy as well?
Of course! If one of you is accepted, all of your co-founders can join the program. If this is your case, get in touch, we also have group rates.
Nicolas Van Rymenant
Nicolas Van Rymenant